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A vegetable delicacy, traditionally romanian

Zacusca is prepared from fresh vegetables, cooked or fried in oil. It is found in several Balkan countries, but few people have questioned where it comes from. Well, according to some sources, zacusca is native to Armenia, others say it comes from Georgia. In Romania it came to be consumed for the first time in the region of Moldova, and later this dish also reached the area of Transylvania. The main ingredients are ripe eggplant, red peppers and chopped onion. Tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, or beans can also be added. It is eaten especially spread on bread.

There are many varieties of zacusca, depending on the regions of the country and spices added based on the locals to own recipes, the most used being pepper and bay leaves:

  • Peppers Zacusca
  • Mushrooms Zacusca
  • Beans Zacusca
  • Eggplant Zacusca
  • Fish Zacusca

Although, mushroom, eggplant and beans zacusca are the favorites of romanians.

Zacusca of forest mushrooms (ghebe, fungi) is a delicacy full of health benefits. The forest mushrooms, used in the Romanian diet since ancient times, became so popular, being one of the most appreciated food sources both in the country, but especially abroad.

Eggplants are among the healthiest vegetables in the world. They contain iron, calcium and other minerals, essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the human body. Whether we eat them grilled and processed into salads, or stews or zacusca, they are just as delicious and have the same positive effect on health.

According to the Romanian tradition, after the autumn harvest, some families prepare zacusca and preserve it in sterilized jars for the winter. In addition to being tasty, zacusca strengthens our immune system and is suitable for the cold season, when the body, protected from sunlight, begins to have deficiencies. Last but not least, the effort made by the housewives in preparing the zacusca is rewarded at the level of … beauty! Consuming this vegetable mix can visibly improve the appearance of the skin, due to the large number of antioxidants, released by eggplant, peppers, onions or tomatoes.

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