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Say Pa-pri-caș! Pay with cash!

We continue our trip to the romanian cuisine with papricaș, a dish similar with stew, with lots of red pepper paprika and often with flour dumplings. It is one of the best known traditional dish, inspired from the Hungarian cuisine. The name comes from the widespread use of paprika (paprika), a spice frequently used in Hungary, the real origins of this dish, from where it spread in Transylvanian and Banat gastronomy.

The gorgeous color and unmistakable aroma of a paprika comes from the paprika – a representative spice! Depending on the area of Romania, papricaș is cooked with pork, beef or veal, potatoes or mushrooms. The food is traditionally served with dumplings, rice garnish or potatoes, next to a plate of polenta, preferably cream and sprinkle, with chopped green parsley. Because it is a heavy dish, a summer salad or fresh vegetables with a touch of authentic „pălinca” is recommended.

This dish is so famous that was also mentioned in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, Dracula, where Jonathan Harker enjoys chicken paprika during his journey through the Carpathian Mountains to Dracula’s castle.

If you want to eat a papricaș as authentic as possible, we recommend you to have it in the countryside, to a family of locals. Recognized for their kindness, you will be able to reward them not with cash, but only by thanking or appreciating them. It is just one of the unique, memorable experiences that you can live through Rua Travel. Write us and let’s start preparing your next vacation in Romania.

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