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We believe that real values are preserved, over time, only by the care and involvement of people. So we make you a very special proposal, while travelling to Romania: Casa Krauss (The Krauss House)  a building restored to the smallest detail …

#nature #transilvania #castle


A fascinating story is written 40 km away from the last volcanic eruption (Lake St. Anne). A story about a captivating world, which vibrates on the heartbeat of the forests of Transylvania. A story that you can discover beyond everyday life, beyond routine …

#nature #transilvania #countryside


If you are looking for a corner for body and soul, a place that combines the feeling of security with that of freedom, then Cuib de Lemn (Wooden Nest) is the best place. Sheltered by the towering of fir trees of Transylvania …

#nature #transilvania #countryside


Strongly outlined on the cultural map of Romania, Bucovina shines through its material and spiritual values, through its own and unitary style, through its great richness and diversity. So let yourself be attracted by the charm of this space …

#nature #bucovina #countryside

1 Cabana CeiTrei

Cei trei Chalets

Built of massive beams, CeiTrei Chalets are warm and beautifully decorated and welcome guests in a dream atmosphere!

#nature #danube #countryside


Dacii Liberi

We find in this complex, a restaurant with a capacity of 200 seats, a wine cellar arranged in the traditional Maramures style and a terrace where something always squeaks in the stove or on the grills.

#nature #maramures #countryside


Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort

Two wooden pontoons guard the two boarding houses. One on the Sulina arm and the other in the back, from where you can go by boat to Lake Iacob. You can fish from both.

#nature #danube #countryside


Haita Land

Adventure through the Calimani Mountains in an amazingly beautiful and soothing area.

#nature #transilvania #mountains

la conacul vesel

La Conacul Vesel

For the originality of this pension, for the passion with which it is managed and for the historical place where it is located, we include it in our list of the best accommodations in Romania and we urge you to cross their threshold with confidence, when you visit Maramures.

#nature #maramures #mountains


Pajiști Verzi Guesthouse

Inviting guesthouse, suitable for those passing through Vișeu or for those who want to experience living in a house like the ones in the Maramures Village Museum

#nature #maramures #traditions

1 Pensiunea Bio Valeputna

Bio Valeputna Guesthouse

In the Bio Valeputna Guesthouse and its surroundings you will find everything that is most proud of Bucovina: house cleaning, good food, friendly people, dreamy landscapes, tradition and a lot of history.

#nature #bucovina #traditions


Cherhana Guesthouse

Huge yard, large pool with children’s area, tear and heated water for comfort, Jacuzzi, sunbeds and umbrellas, mini turrets with swings, bar in the yard, own pontoon right on the canal where the property is located, restaurant only with fresh products and fish the day he was caught.

#nature #danube #traditions


Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa

As you pass the gate, an oasis of greenery spreads before your eyes. The field is not crowded, you have enough space to walk freely, to relax, to play, to enjoy the fresh air at the edge of the forest.

#nature #spa #mountains