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Danube cruise – Danube’s Big Boilers

About this experience

Do you want to live the most impressive experience of your life? Do you like to go by boat?
Then the Danube cruise suits you like a glove!
Be impressed by the most beautiful gorge in Europe, the Danube Gorge, and a magical place where the Carpathian Mountains meet the Danube and create nature show.
You will not regret for a second if you come to visit the Danube Gorge. Every minute spent here fills you with energy and leaves you speechless!

Danube's Big Boilers
Closest airports
Craiova International Airport, Timișoara International Airport, Sibiu International Airport
Type of activities
Language spoken
Romanian & English
Complete itinerary approx.
3 hours

This is the most complex Danube Cruise in Romania with the highest density of tourist attractions you can visit.
Boredom cannot appear because the diversity of the relief, the beauties of nature, the adrenaline and the wonderful tourist objectives will always keep your interest at high levels.
You have the special opportunity to visit the Danube Boilers, some of the most impressive limestone formations located on both the Romanian and Serbian shores.
In some places the Danube narrows up to 230 meters and has a depth of over 80 meters, in the Danube Boilers area.

The Danube cruise can be done:
1. By boat/speedboat (approximately 1-1.5 h), starting from Decebal’s face. If you choose to cross the Danube Gorge by speedboat, you can visit the Veterans Cave – the sanctuary of Zamolxis, which can only be reached by water. Numerous legends are associated with the name of the cave, as if the treasure of Maria Theresa were hidden here. Visit the Veterans Cave and, with a little luck, you can find unknown treasures
2. By ship (approximately 3-3.5 h), departing from Orșova

During the cruise you visit:
The “Tabula Traiana” monument, built by Trajan to mark the march of the Roman imperial troops towards Dacia.
The face of Decebalus, a unique sculpture in Europe and the tallest on the continent. This is the main attraction in the area, being the jewel of the Danube Gorge.
Mraconia Monastery, which is also known as the Underwater Monastery, given its history: the ruins of the monastery were swallowed by water after the construction of the Iron Gates I Hydropower.
In Mraconia Bay and Dubova Bay you will find an oasis of peace, a place where the towering mountains seem to embrace the Danube.

Interested in having this experience or traveling to Romania?