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We continue our trip to the romanian cuisine with papricaș, a dish similar with stew, with lots of red pepper paprika and often with flour dumplings. It is one of the best known traditional dish, inspired from the Hungarian cuisine. The name comes from the widespread use of paprika (paprika), a spice frequently used in Hungary, the real origins of this dish, from where it spread in Transylvanian and Banat gastronomy. The gorgeous color and unmistakable aroma of a paprika comes

There is no housewife in all of Romania who does not know a recipe for papanași. Today, papanași are a traditional dessert, easy to prepare, extremely tasty and appreciated even by the most capricious gourmets. This donut, with special fine cheese dough, has its origins somewhere in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was adapted in the region of Moldova. Its characteristic is a piece of dough in the shape of a sphere placed on top of the donut, like a hat. The touch

On the traditional romanian table we will always find stuffed eggs – an appetizer that is easy to prepare and quite fast, attractive in appearance, but also delicious in taste. We can use stuffed eggs at any time, whether we want a festive meal or we simply want a cheerful and beautifully decorated family meal. They are one of the most appreciated New Year’s appetizers, but they are not missing from the Christmas or Easter meal. These are actually boiled eggs

Zacusca is prepared from fresh vegetables, cooked or fried in oil. It is found in several Balkan countries, but few people have questioned where it comes from. Well, according to some sources, zacusca is native to Armenia, others say it comes from Georgia. In Romania it came to be consumed for the first time in the region of Moldova, and later this dish also reached the area of Transylvania. The main ingredients are ripe eggplant, red peppers and chopped onion.

Cabbage à la Cluj is a traditional dish specific to the Transylvania area, that any gourmet, travelling to Romania, should try. It is absolutely delicious. The recipe was spread during the Middle Ages throughout the European continent, especially in the households of the peasants of that time. Ordinary people were the ones who cultivated cabbage, in their vegetable gardens, but it was also found in monasteries, mansions, castles, and in the so-called “cabbage gardens”.

Sarmale are the best known dish in Romania. Almost every foreigner who visits our country gets in love with this delicious goodies rolled in cabbage or vine leaves, with meat, rice and spices. The name of the dish comes from “sarmak”, a Turkish verb meaning “to wrap”. It is not known exactly when sarmale appeared on the territory of our country. However, it has a strong tradition and is closely associated with our national cuisine.