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Cherhana Guesthouse

Price $1000
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Cherhana Guesthouse

$1000 per person

Cherhana Guesthouse

Huge yard, large pool with children’s area, tear and heated water for comfort, Jacuzzi, sunbeds and umbrellas, mini turrets with swings, bar in the yard, own pontoon right on the canal where the property is located, restaurant only with fresh products and fish the day he was caught.

Knot to the whole Delta, to all the lakes – the summer residences of many birds on the planet, to the fabulous canals with bent or fallen trees, to the Letea Forest with its wild horses, to the 3 grandiose arms of the Danube and so unlike them, to the Black Sea, the end of the river journey.

We are in the kingdom of water, in the middle of nature, at a pension of 5 daisies, whose interiors have variances in harmony with the place, rooms in different sizes, reeds on the roof, enough to cool our rest.

There are 14 rooms, either twin, matrimonial or deluxe, covering a wide area of ​​surfaces: 15, 17, 21 or 32 sqm, offering comfort for all needs or in all variants in which you will travel to this place: with friends, as a couple or with children, adding extra bed on request.

All have a private bathroom with toiletries included, towels and slippers, air conditioning, TV.

Beautiful rooms, with a lot of soothing white, decorated according to where we are.

Regarding the kitchen, we can tell you that it is one of the most praised, even receiving in the past the “Golden Daisy” award for the tastiest traditional recipes. Obviously, fish dishes according to old recipes are the stars of restaurant menus, because no one on this earth knows how to fit a plate, a brine or a borscht, for example, like the people of the Delta. But menus with chicken, beef, pork or just vegetables are cooked just as skillfully.

As for the rooms, we also tell you that you can talk to the owners for boat trips or to arrange fishing parties. Because if you choose to be lazy at the pension, you can walk around the pool, jacuzzi, bar and huge yard, to admire the birds of the Delta. As the place is surrounded by water, you do not feel that you are in the village.

We urge you to see the Danube Delta, if you have not yet arrived, because it is overwhelmingly beautiful; and if you are looking for accommodation, Pension Cherhana has, in addition to all the facilities I told you about, an enormous advantage: it is at excellent distances from absolutely ALL tourist attractions. On one of the days spent here we even urge you to take a run in Sulina (which is 30 minutes by boat), take a swim in the Black Sea and lie on the sand on one of the few wild beaches.

We give you a tip that few tourists know, if you keep coming to Sulina. Ask the man in the boat to take you to the place where the reed of the Delta meets the sea. Far to the left of the main arm, after you pass an old lighthouse. Where the water will be up to your knees, get off the boat and walk. In front of you is a huge expanse of water, without a bit of earth. OK. Once in this place, take a big step, with your back foot holding it in the reed water and the other in front, in the boundless expanse. You will be in the Delta and at sea at the same time. A natural and incredible sweet-salty border of the water world, which will dig into the souls of those who pass it, a strong thrill, untreated until then.

Delta Dunarii
Closest airports
Bucuresti, Tulcea
Room Types
14 rooms (twin, matrimonial and deluxe)
restaurant, free Wi-fi, flat screen TV, air conditioning.
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