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Danube Delta

Price $1000
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Danube Delta

$1000 per person

About this experience

Pleasant, simple and relaxing interior design with oak furniture. We are speaking about Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort: two guest houses located in the same yard – a resort in the Danube Delta, in Crisan, located directly on the bank of the Sulina navigable arm.

If you don’t know Delta, we tell you that from Crisan you can go to the other two arms of the Danube – Chilia and Sf Gheorghe through the canals, lakes and gullies that connect them. The beautiful beach of Sulina on the Black Sea is a 30-minute boat ride away.

You can make trips to the Delta or simple boat rides in the surroundings and, of course, fishing of all styles and dozens of kinds of fish. Two wooden pontoons guard the two boarding houses. One on the Sulina arm and the other in the back, from where you can go by boat to Lake Iacob. You can fish from both.

Those here will help us with the rental of motor boats or oars, either for fishing or for excursions; canoe rental; bicycle rental. They will help us with the fishing parties or with the necessary tools, with the transfer to the best places.

Excursions to the famous Letea forest or to the town of Sulina …

Good to Know

Danube Delta
Closest airports
Constanta, Bucurest
Type of activities
bout tours, fishing
Language spoken
Romanian & English

1. Channels and Lakes boat tour (We are inviting you to discover the wilderness of the Delta, to cut our way by the channels bordered by sunken willows, to cross the water surfaces covered in water lilies, to admire pelicans and hundreds of other species of birds that have their nests in these places.

No matter if we go north on the Old Danube, on Bogdaproste, La Amiaza lakes, towards Mila 23 fishing village, or if we go south towards Caraorman forest and on Iacob lake or on Litcov channel and Cuibida lake, we promise that you will see unforgettable sights.

At request, we may organize private excursions and the price will depend on boat type, desired duration and the preferred route. )

2. Trip by boat to Letea Forest (It is also called the jungle of the Delta and it is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe. It is a very special tourist attraction, a fairytale place where nature offers an unmatched show.

You cannot come to the Danube Delta without visiting this fully protected area, the first natural reservation in Romania belonging to UNESCO patrimony.

Here, we find desert areas alternating with specific vegetation, forest of centennial oak trees, but also a subtropical forest, lianas embracing the trunks of the trees, salty lakes, sand dunes and wild horses. The Letea wild horse herds are most certainly the attraction of this ancient place, where time seems to have stopped and where many nature curiosities may be encountered.

But no matter how many words we may write on this page, they cannot equal what your eyes will discover, so, let’s just hit the road!)

3. Trip by boat to Sulina (In about 30 minutes by fast boat we will arrive in the easternmost point of Romania, Sulina.

One of the oldest settlements in Romania, a former fishermen village, the current city of Sulina attracts by its aura of timelessness.

The Sea Cemetery, where sailors of all nations, pirates and even members of the royal families of Europe rest for ever, the Sulina lighthouse, the palace of the European Commission of the Danube, the Greek church where we find the only icon in Romania depicting Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus with their faces covered, all these are objectives that you cannot miss when you come into the Delta.

The beach, which is mostly unarranged and unaltered, preserving its wild appearance and its smooth sand, is the place where we stop for a bath in the sea and well-deserved relaxing time, after wandering through historical places full of adventures and pirate stories.)

4. FISHING (On both of our docks, in front of the resort on Sulina arm and behind the resort, on a small channel, you can fish. On Sulina arm you can try your luck at catfish or asp, while on the backside channel, children can have fun fishing rod.
Also, we can organize fishing trips for all kinds of fishes.)

Interested in having this tour or traveling to Romania?
Day 1: Departure
Day 2: Adventure Beggins
Day 8: Historical Tour
Day 10: Historical Tour
Day 15: Return

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