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La Roata

Price $1000
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La Roata

$1000 per person

: As soon as you get, if only with your mind, to Bucovina it means that you crave to discover things, places, people and even to reconnect to your own soul.

La Roata*** Guesthouse comes to meet these desires, so natural nowadays, in times of such anxiety and rush. Here, on the property, it is like travelling in time and returning to a period of stability and peace, when the days seemed longer and eating home cooked meals was part of the daily routine.

Be welcome, dear traveler, in an ambience where the authentic goes hand in hand with culinary mastery and good taste in everything.

Born out of respect and admiration for Bucovina’s tradition, art and architecture, and placed only 500m from downtown Gura Humorului, La Roatã*** Pension is a miniature village museum: five authentic cottages (VasileAnastasiaZenoviaElisabeta & Dumitru), more than 120 years old, moved piece by piece on the property will take you, dear Guest, on a journey in time, during childhood spent in the countryside.

In terms of comfort, the cottages have central heating, private bathroom, TV, wi-fi connection.

La Roata*** also provides a dining space, where traditionally homecooked dishes are served. The produce is fresh from local farmers or from our own small chicken farm and apple orchard. We also have a gift shop, a rustic outdoor terrace, and 4 modern houses (double/twin rooms and apartments). The rooms have private bathrooms, a minifridge, central heating, and WI-FI. The car park and bike rental are free.

La Roata *** respects the principles of ecotourism, developing and promoting those forms of tourism that have a minimal negative impact on the environment and on the local community, maximizing the positive impact on the local economy.

Ecotourism is a form of responsible tourism that, in its purest sense, wants to have a minimal impact on the local environment and culture, generates income and jobs for the community where it takes place and, at the same time, contributes to the conservation of local ecosystems.

Gura-Humorului City, Suceava County
Closest airports
Suceava International Airport, Salcea
Room Types
five authentic cottages and 4 modern houses (double/twin rooms and apartments)
central heating, private bathroom, TV, wi-fi, dining space, gift shop, outdoor terrace, minifridge, car park, free bike rental, bathroom with shower, cosmetics, hair dryer, genuine solid wood furniture individual temperature control, LCD, mini fridge, tea and coffee facilities, courtyard, city and ski slope view
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