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Maramureș – Traditional Journeys in IE

Price $1000
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Maramureș – Traditional Journeys in IE

$1000 per person

About this experience

We create unforgettable holidays! We love the authenticity of the places and the beauty of people. We travel in traditional clothing and we open the gate to visit the vivid villages in Europe! We travel under the motto “Journeys in IE”. We want to reveal to all DOR Travel tourists the stories of people living in this beautiful areas which keep in their hearts, in their houses and in their folk costumes their original customs. We encourage outdoor activities and trekking. We foster the craft and the people which are still practising it with joy. We love local food and the traditional meals that define the communities.

Good to Know

Magoaja, Rogoz, Strambu Baiut, Poiana Botizii, Aspra, Carbunari, Razoare, Gherla, Maramures County
Closest airports
Type of activities
Trekking, Traditional Crafts, Local Gastronomy; Discover Maramures
Language spoken
Romanian & English

Recommended: Families with children


Day 1: Arrival in  Romania


Day 2:

FOLLOW the Legendary Outlaw Pintea

Listen to the legend of Pintea and the description Lăpuș County – history, ethnography

Travel to the Bone Cave – Poiana Botizii

Visit the secular forest in Strambu Baiut

LEARN the Romanian Easter Traditions

Visit UNESCO Monument Church in Rogoz and the Ethnographic Museum House

Participate at craft and handmade workshop for eggs decoration


Day 3:

Participate at the pottery workshop in Carbunari near Baia Mare at Chira Art

DISCOVER the Romanian Authentic Villages

Take a walk in the most beautiful authentic villagers of Preluca and Aspra

Admire the mesmeric landscape and enjoy the silence of the traditional villages

EAT locally

Taste the perfect meal and enjoy the cheese with polenta (mamaliguta cu Branza), Smoked bacon (slaninuta afumata) and worm up with PALINCA


Day 4:

DREAM SWEET in traditional houses

Sing songs and dance near the fire outside

Have a nice rest in the traditional houses of Razoare


Day 5:

City Break in Gherla

The locality was first recorded in 1291 as a village named Gherlahida. The second name was Armenian, Հայաքաղաք Hayakaghak, meaning “Armenian city”. Gherla is one of the most fabulous cities to visit for lovers of Transylvanian baroque era monuments and buildings. At every meter you can literally meet the testimonies of the former glory of Armenians. Being considered the true capital of Armenians in exile, Gherla offers travelers dozens of churches and hundreds of buildings that simply breathe history.


Day 6:

Departure from Romania from Cluj Airport

Interested in having this tour or traveling to Romania?

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