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Truffle hunting

Price $1000
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Truffle hunting

$1000 per person

About this experience

Do you want the most interesting and unprecedented experience so far?
Are you passionate about hunting? If so, we present you the most atypical hunt – truffle hunt!
Truffles have been known to mankind for a long time, the first ever mention of truffles was probably 3,000 years ago by the Egyptian pharaoh Cheops.
In the Transylvanian forests we can find a variety of local truffles, which grow in a symbiotic relationship with its host – a tree.
Truffles grow underground and are connected by microspores to their host tree. These host trees can be oaks, hazelnuts, beeches or hornbeams and need a specific mixture of sunlight, water and height to bloom.

Good to Know

Valea Verde Retreat, Cund Village
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Romanian & English

The beautiful forests of Transylvania are home to a wide variety of wildlife and delicious products. We like to look for wild plants, herbs and mushrooms, but the most spectacular edible treasures to be found are truffles – the black gold of the Transylvanian wilderness!

We want to offer a variety of experiences for our guests – all related to truffles and a wonderful experience for young and old alike!

For groups of 1 to 14 guests we offer guided hunting in the forest between Cund and Dumbrăveni. The hunter will meet you at Valea Verde and you will travel to the forest by your transport. After a short introductory discussion (in Romanian or English on request), you will follow the dogs and find some of the black gold of the Transylvanian wilderness!

In a beautiful place in the forest we will serve you the delicious risotto cooked over an open fire, accompanied by a small salad and a glass of delicious Romanian wine.

Please note that this lunch depends on the weather, in case of rain or snow we will dine at Valea Verde Restaurant.

Duration: 2h

Services: reception at Valea Verde, guided truffle hunt, lunch with risotto in the wild and a glass of wine.


You can enjoy this unique experience even for an entire weekend!


During the truffle season we offer a weekend package dedicated to the black gold of Transylvania!

Once you have enjoyed the drinks from the reception on Friday night, we invite you to enjoy a four-course truffle dinner.

After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast with various dishes and truffle eggs, we will head to the forest on Saturday for a 2h guided truffle hunt.

At Valea Verde we will have a delicious light lunch with two kinds of truffles, and for dinner we have five kinds of truffles.

After a few eggs benedict at breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye – with a small gift of… truffles!

Services: welcome drink, guided truffle hunt, two breakfasts, 1 four-course dinner, 1 five-course dinner, 1 lunch

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