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Tulcea – Danube Delta

Price $1000
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Tulcea – Danube Delta

$1000 per person

About this experience

The true beauty is the natural one. Cherhana Pension organizes trips to the Danube Delta, to Sulina, Mila 23, Letea and other lakes and canals.

Discover the beauty of the Danube Delta at Sulina, where the Danube flows into the sea and the undeveloped beach, with a pristine appearance. Sulina beach is the widest beach on the Black Sea coast. In Sulina there is a maritime cemetery, unique in the country and even in Europe. Another tourist attraction is the Sulina Lighthouse, which dates from 1802. Other places to visit are the “Sulina Lighthouse” museum, buildings such as the Palace of the European Danube Commission, the European Danube Commission Lighthouse, the Lighthouse on the left bank of the Danube and the Lighthouse on the right bank of the Danube.

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Danube Delta
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Letea Forest is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe and the only oak forest in the world grown on a maritime ridge. Letea Forest is a protected area of ​​national interest, a virgin forest, populated with many wild horses. Approx. 500 species of plants and over 3000 species of animals (of which 2000 insects) have their home in the Letea Forest.

Letea village is the best preserved village in the delta. The traditional houses are made of wood, adobe and reeds and painted in cheerful colors such as green, blue and white.

The village of Mila 23, a typical fishing village, is the only Lipovan settlement that was created in the delta at the end of the last century and which, despite numerous floods, knew how to preserve its archaic charm, offering today an authentic image of the picturesque fishing villages. and a way of life unchanged for centuries.

Cherhana Pension offers a trip to the lakes and canals around the pension, a circuit and a unique experience where you can see many species of birds and plants and beautiful landscapes.





Trip Boat type
Letea Forest Corsar 730/700
Corsar 630
Sulina Corsar 730/700
Nearby lakes and canals Corsar 730/700
 Corsar 630
Lakes and canals Mila 23 Corsar 730/700
Corsar 630



The pension organizes daily trips and the reservation is made at the reception. Careful! The children are classified as a person according to the regulations of the A.N.R. The pension has several types of boats, namely: Laguna 480, Corsar 630, Corsar 700, Corsar 730 and the trips will be organized with one of these boats depending on the number of people registered for the trip, namely: 1-3 people – Laguna 480, 3-6 people – Corsar 630, 6-11 people – Corsar 730 or Corsar 700 depending on availability.

Trips in the Danube Delta, at Sulina, Caraorman, Mila 23, Letea and on other lakes and canals. Explore the wonderful places in the Danube Delta with us! Cherhana Resort Crisan also offers accommodation in buildings equipped with all the necessary comfort & restaurant with delicious dishes, 100% natural, made according to very old traditional recipes.

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Day 1: Departure
Day 2: Adventure Beggins
Day 8: Historical Tour
Day 10: Historical Tour
Day 15: Return

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