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Valeputna – Bucovina

Price $1000
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Valeputna – Bucovina

$1000 per person

About this experience

Discover Bucovina

You will find information about the routes at the guesthouse.

During your hiking, you can reach Coduri Seculari from the Giumalau Mountains to Rarău or Mestecanis. Routes can be walked on foot or by bicycle, according to your preferences.


Here are just a few reasons to choose the hikes:

– Depending on the season, you can pick up forest fruits

– You can go mushroom picking with a local connoisseur

– You can choose off-road trails; optionally, you can dine at a cane on the trail (scheduling will be done 2 weeks before booking).

Good to Know

Closest airports
Type of activities
: Relax at the pool and sauna; Mountain bike; Lessons; Smoked trout and cobza lessons; Discover Bucovina
Language spoken
Romanian & English

Relax at the pool and sauna

Bio Valeputna is an establishment of supreme relaxation. The unique ambiance is supplemented by exquisite spa facilities.

The modular pool by Endless Pools combines the luxury of a hydro massage tub with a swim jet unit for swimming and water work-outs. Exercise, play, relaxation and water therapy in a special format.

The outdoor sauna from Narvi is custom made in Finland for us and a true delight. Our guests have access to the results of over 80 years of experience in the field.

Mountain bike

Our surroundings offer some of the best mountain bike trails in the region. Forest roads, clean air, beautiful landscapes and many interesting stops. We have bikes for everybody, including for the young!


If you are wondering how wonderful eggs are made, you can take lessons in this direction under the guidance of a talented lady from the Valea Putnei.

Are you simply amazed by the beauty of wool rugs? If you want to know how they are made, we also offer you the opportunity to take lessons in this regard. Under the guidance of a skilled weaver in Sadova, you will learn how to make the thread, details of the tissue, and learn how to wave the carpet.

Have you been impressed by the beautiful embroidered elements in the pension? You can learn with a lady, for whom the passing of the years has meant only more experience in this craft, how to embroider a handkerchief or a tablecloth.

Smoked trout and cobza lessons

The area is representative of both the famous trout and the unique way to prepare it. You can fish the trout from the nearby pond and then learn how to prepare your catch in an unique way. At Bio Valeputna, you can learn how to smoke for trout, how to make cobs and how to prepare real delicacies from this fish.

Interested in having this tour or traveling to Romania?
Day 1: Departure
Day 2: Adventure Beggins
Day 8: Historical Tour
Day 10: Historical Tour
Day 15: Return

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