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Zabola Estate

Price $1000
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Zabola Estate

$1000 per person

A fascinating story is written 40 km away from the last volcanic eruption (Lake St. Anne). A story about a captivating world, which vibrates on the heartbeat of the forests of Transylvania. A story that you can discover, beyond everyday life, beyond routine, beyond the traditional getaways you are used to.

A visit to Zabola is not just a vacation. It is rather an epic experience, waiting to be discovered. It is a different, unique, spectacular tourist attraction. From the inside, to the outside and the surroundings, you will travel in time and space, guided by authentic emotions. The moment you feel the tingles of adrenaline, you will be invited to watch bears and other wild animals, right from the comfort of your stay. The area outside the hotel, in its immediate proximity, will give you the feeling that you are a prince or a princess.

Closest airports
Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Targu-Mures
Room Types
Single rooms, Double rooms, Apartments
breakfast, free parking, free Wi-fi

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