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    A customised total experience in Romania

    You have to come and visit Romania. And to discover it as we, the Romanians, the locals see it. To discover the elements of authenticity, to live unimagined culinary experiences, to enjoy the generosity of the people or to live the purest moments in the countryside.

    We are not a travel agency. We are more than that: the creators of your unique travel experiences. So that, after a acation in Romania, you can fall in love with it and plan a new meeting with us, with this beautiful country, with the warm and beautiful people … with the Romanian spirit.

    Watch our travel vlog “Authentic Romania”
    Unique & Authentic

    Accommodation in Romania

    There are so many accommodations to make you live a unique, authentic vacation in Romania. It’s up to you if you prefer to stay in a guesthouse, a mansion or a tiny little house, in the countryside. Let us know how does it look an ideal holiday for you. And we'll just bring the ``extra things”, to complete your experience to Romania.

    Romanian traditional souvenirs

    We deliver them directly to your home, in 24 hours. You just focus on the unique experiences you can live in Romania.


      I did a 10-day teambuilding with the whole team of 34 people. We spent most of the days in Transylvania and two days in Bucovina. Doru, Alexandra and the whole Rua Travel team, you did such a great job. We still remember the song we learned from you at the campfire. We will definitely return to Romania. Hugs!

      Helene Goldmann,



      I would always return to Romania. The trip in the Danube Delta was the best experience ever. The evenings with Mr. Popa, the boat trips, the fish soup and the sunset from every evening. I have no words to thank you enough, Rua Travel

      Julien Marinova,



      Romania, what a pleasant surprise. I traveled for 3 weeks in Romania through Rua Travel. Thank you very much guys, you are great!

      Scott Marley,