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Explore the wild garden of the Carpathians, on the track of aurochs

Price $1000
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Explore the wild garden of the Carpathians, on the track of aurochs

$1000 per person

About this experience

Do you want to feel like in an episode of National Geographic? Are you passionate about animals and nature? Then you are in the right place!
The Southern Carpathians are the most massive, typical and spectacular mountainous region of Romania, having some similarities with the Alps.
The name of the Carpathian Mountains comes from the name of a Dacian tribe from Moldova called Carpians, which in translation would mean “stones”.
For two days you will have an amazing experience!

Package includes:

✓ 4×4 car transfer to the aurochs tracking point
✓ Professional guide in Romanian and English
✓ Overnight in a traditional house
✓ Food cooked by locals
✓ The unique experience in Romania, perfect for family, friends or a couple

Good to Know

Armeniș Village, Southern Carpathians
Closest airports
Caransebeș Airport, Lugoj Airport
Type of activities
hiking, wildlife watching
Language spoken
Romanian & English

Come upon to the largest European animal, in the landscape of the Southern Carpathians. Aurochs tracking takes place on foot. You will be accompanied by a specialized guide and the experience is only available for small groups of 2 to 6 people to ensure a peaceful atmosphere and to increase the chances of observing wild animals.

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